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First Day at White Lodge: Preparing for preschool

by White Lodge News

Preparing for preschool is an exciting time for you and your little one. It’s their first real adventure into building independent social lives away from home, and a treasure trove of wonderful, exciting discoveries await them in the classroom and playground.

More than just a luxury, an active education is crucial for early childhood enrichment. According to UNICEF, children who  have access to quality preschooling and ECD programs have more success at school than their counterparts, and healthier brain development and social skills.* 

So what can you and your children expect when preparing for preschool? And what does an early childhood development or enrichment program look like? At White Lodge, we offer a range of activities on a weekly basis. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect when joining the White Lodge family.


Enrichment program

On any given day at White Lodge, you’ll meet children engrossed in a number of educational and developmentally-appropriate activities as part of our after-care enrichment program. Here’s a glimpse into the usual weekly routine:

  • Mondays: Book Club
    Book Club promotes reading in a social context, and cultivates each child’s reading skills to help them become confident communicators. We aim to instill a love of learning to read, which transforms into a natural habit of reading to learn.
  • Tuesdays: Fitness Club
    In Fitness Club, children develop gross motor skills and improve their balance and coordination through activities such as running, jumping, hopping and drills. Aside from an improved sense of wellbeing, fitness training also improves their listening and communication skills and helps them build new friendships. 
  • Wednesdays: Mandarin Club
    This club extends White Lodge students’ regular Mandarin language lessons. Here they get an opportunity to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in Mandarin,  through fun activities and games.
  • Thursdays: Virtues Club
    Our virtues club promotes social skills that help children navigate the world beyond preschool. We create a caring learning community that nurtures compassion and integrity in our children through stories, activities and puppet shows. And, of course, each virtue is modelled to them (in more than just this club!) by their teachers.
  • Fridays: Games Club 
    Games are an excellent opportunity for children to learn new social skills and extend their cognitive abilities. Every week, we play a range of card games and board games  that foster these skills while they’re having fun.

This program is complimentary for all students enrolled in our full day programmes, and runs daily at all our childcare centres. And, you’re welcome to join us! The enrichment program is open to non-White Lodge students for an afternoon session and is a great way to start preparing your little one for preschool and get a taste of the White Lodge experience.  


Parent and child playgroup program

Parent-child activities are critical for child development, and the growth of basic social skills. Designed especially for children 6 months to 2.5 years old, children are introduced to a variety of activities like Circle Time, Music and Movement, Art, Sensory play, Gym play, Outdoor play and Mandarin. While facilitators plan and run the 90-minute sessions, parents work closely with their children throughout and strengthen their special bond.  

Joining our parent-child playgroup programme is also a wonderful place for parents, helpers and caregivers to meet. It fast becomes an indispensable support to first-time parents and those new to the country. All sessions are conducted in English and all our facilitators are trained in Early Childhood studies, and you’re welcome to join a free trial before enrolling. 


Join our programs at our brand new childcare centre in Toa Payoh

White Lodge has campuses in both Singapore and Malaysia and we’ve just opened a new one in Toa Payoh, SG. Here we offer an integrated curriculum that uses UK Key Stages to define learning outcomes that guide children through learning experiences that help them meet their developmental milestones.  

The Toa Payoh programme offers  the best of east and west practices, with a focus on gifted and character development programmes, bilingual Mandarin and an arts-inspired curriculum. 

Toa Payoh is one of the most accessible central areas in Singapore, and home to several high-profile businesses and leading international schools. We’re proud to offer you a White Lodge education at such a convenient location.


Learn more about the White Lodge Way

We aim to liberate, empower and motivate all our children, and inspire them to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity. 

Our unique curriculum and environment is designed to provide high quality, individualised education with “something more” — the opportunity to grow and achieve their dreams. Book a tour and meet the White Lodge family, and see how we can help with preparing your child for preschool and more.  Click the button below and get in touch with us. 

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