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Programmes 5

Nursery School Classes in Kuala Lumpur

Nursery for 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 year olds

The Nursery programme is for children 3½ to 4½ years of age. Placement is again based on the children’s developmental age. At this stage, the children are very confident and have great play skills. They enjoy the company of their peers and are inquisitive; the ‘why’ questions have started. More challenging Units of Inquiry are introduced and many opportunities are provided for the nursery class to extend their play. Children begin to predict the consequences of an action re-tell and relate to situations appropriately. They show a keen interest in story time and are very receptive to information and facts. Their visual perception increases as they become aware of words and some will begin to show an interest in reading. Phonics, Math and Science concepts are introduced at this level.


Jolly Phonics

This is a comprehensive phonics programme in which a letter is introduced each day through “Jolly Jingle” stories and related activities to reinforce the sound of the letter. The Jolly Phonics programme focuses on the different sounds of each letter and helps to expand the child’s vocabulary. It is a multi-sensory programme that complements White Lodge’s curriculum. Levels one to three of the Jolly Phonics programme are introduced and completed at the nursery stage.



At this stage, the children begin to rote count and have a strong liking for shapes. This programme helps introduce different concepts and instill in the children a love for Mathematics. The programme explores the foundational skills for Maths and helps children learn through active experimentation. In particular, the programme views children as active learners who construct their own mathematical understanding through interacting with their environment and their peers. Topics one to ten of the Mathematics programme are introduced in this stage.



A science programme is offered in the afternoon as an extended option for children to acquire an appreciation and respect for the scientific approach to understanding the world. They learn to recognise how science affects their lives and build enthusiasm for engaging in exploring scientific ideas for themselves. They learn about their bodies, living and non-living things, materials and forces. The Foundation programme is used for the nursery stage. In Science, the ideas in science are organised under main themes, which are progressively developed over the course of the programme. The children explore scientific ideas through investigation and ‘Scientific Stories’, which instils awareness and drive active engagement.



Mandarin is introduced as a second language. The main objective is to create awareness of a second language. Through different activities such as songs, stories and dramatisation, simple words and phrases are introduced. This is a 30-minute programme offered daily. All our Mandarin teachers are qualified native speakers and have relevant work experience. The curriculum is in line with the requirement set by the Ministry of Education.