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What our parents say

Why choose White Lodge? Find out what our parents have to say here.

The play-based and enquiry-based approach to learning helped our son settle down in his new school. He was also well-versed in Mandarin (Thanks to the Mandarin curriculum at White Lodge), when he joined the new school. We feel that the White Lodge curriculum is very good, very wholesome and prepares kids for the next phase very well. Our son’s  transition to his international primary school was seamless as he was already aware of and comfortable with the play-based and enquiry-based approach to learning. We absolutely love White Lodge.

Aparna Chakravarty and Vishal Arora

One of the highlights is the annual concerts and regular class presentations, which both children and parents enjoy a lot. These events are a great way of increasing the children’s confidence. Another highlight was seeing our youngest daughter enjoying White Lodge a lot after an extremely difficult period of adjustment in the beginning. 

We chose White Lodge because of the warm and nurturing approach of its teachers towards the children. We also liked that its curriculum was a bit more play-based than other Singaporean preschools.

Christine Eberhard

I chose White Lodge because the school offered a low student-teacher ratio, staff trained in Special Needs and trial classes. The school also complemented an Early Intervention Programme he was receiving at Eden’s Children Centre. The teachers at White Lodge were patient, flexible and provided a creative environment for the children in the classrooms which convinced me that White Lodge was the preschool for him.

Naz Ghouse

Our daughter had an exceptional experience at White Lodge. The structure of the programme was perfectly suited to our needs, blending humanities approaches with maths and sciences. The emphasis placed on reading and writing also found a good balance, especially for our daughter who was coming from a different pedagogical style in Ireland. She also found the Mandarin components of the programme to be fun and engaging and regularly returned home with new vocabulary and even new songs. White Lodge’s extracurricular activities added to our excellent experience. 

Wenhua and Benjamin Wold

To be honest, the decision to attend White Lodge was led by our son, who was 1.5 years old at the time, during the school visits. He immediately responded to the warmth, colour and friendly nature at the school. His eyes lit up as he explored the school, he had no reservations when approached by the staff. Ultimately, it was the teachers at the time of enrolment who had a huge influence on the decision.

Roisin Hansen

We were welcomed with open arms when contacted the school first, we felt the warmth when we visited and knew our child will be in a safe environment and good hands. There was a fun and bright environment and we felt it will provide a backdrop for more effective learning. We are amazed at how she has been prepared for the transition to primary school by storytime, painting, singing, craft introducing new concepts through themes based learning etc., We have noticed how much she has learned from the time she had started. We regularly hear stories about school. She is always singing, wanting to draw and pretend play.

Anjana Thaliyadath
I like the location and surroundings of the school. It feels safe and secured. I believe the teachers/caretakers are dedicated and committed towards the students.I can see my son has improved and progressed very well over these years, good job everyone.
Khairul Hanis
Ralveer has enjoyed his online class with Miss Victoria during the Movement control order in Malaysia. I’m truly grateful that White Lodge has such talented and committed educators. Miss Victoria truly is very helpful .. she speaks to every child individually during class. She knows all her students very well. I never knew that with an online class , my son would actually be attached / comfortable with his teacher. I was thinking that he might just feel the same as how we would learn on YouTube but I was wrong. I’m truly grateful and thankful that I chose White Lodge as my son's first education Center.
Malvinder Singh

Madi loves her teachers. I like the fact that we receive regular communication from the teachers and updates on the class activities on StoryPark. Ms Eugene, Ms Jess and Ms Kai Li have been very supportive in helping Madi settle into school. Madi loves her teachers and it's great to see her happy to head off to school in the mornings.

Sarah Bentley

The reason I chose White Lodge is because I feel Haruki is getting an international experience from it and he is able to learn about the cultures of other children in the school. I am also very happy about the weekly scope newsletter as I am able to know what he is learning in school. My son's English and Mandarin has improved a lot and he can now converse with me in English at home.

Mutsumi Morishita
Siddharth Nagpal and Girisha Lakhiani-Nagpal
We have been part of the White Lodge family for almost 5 years and I have to credit them for doing an incredible job of making school a pleasure and as my son Kabir puts it ...”encouraging their imagination.” The White Lodge community has been absolutely wonderful in loving and nurturing our boys into the beautiful little souls they are- teaching them right from wrong, instilling confidence and making them truly all rounded. We can’t thank the teachers enough for the brilliant job they do daily. It's great to see such affection between the boys and their teachers. Its most comforting to know they treat our boys as their own. We know we made the right choice.
Siddharth Nagpal and Girisha Lakhiani-Nagpal


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