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Seek first to understand, then to accept.

Then you must follow before you can lead.

Then will you enjoy success.

White Lodge stems from the shared efforts and passion of its dedicated members of staff. The curriculum is deeply rooted in the most current theories and research in early childhood education practices which is adopted from principles of High Scope, Reggio Emilia and Harvard Project Zero.

This is coupled with careful consideration given to the children’s shared interest and developmental needs and milestones. The curriculum is delivered through the following subjects:

  • Arts & Craft
  • Sensory Activities
  • Drama
  • Music and Movement
  • Gross and Fine Motor Activities
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Science
  • Languages

Music and Movement at WL

Familiar theme-related rhymes and songs are carefully selected and introduced to children in all age groups. Children are involved in exploring simple musical concepts such as fast and slow(tempo), loud and soft (volume), high and low (pitch) and sound quality/timbre. Musical toys are made readily available for children to explore. Children in the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes have the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument like the drum, or Ukulele. A resident musician who plays a musical instrument, visits the school weekly to play the songs live for children as we incorporate movement in our music programme. Children learn not only how to do certain movements, but also how to move in time with music. Our programme strengthens children's sense of rhythm and their ability to match their movements to different genres of music. Children are naturally high-energy and as they are still learning how to move their bodies, our music and movement sessions are made as fun as possible focusing on the sheer joy of moving and learning with their bodies!


Speech and Drama at WL

Our termly class presentations, events and annual musical held at the end of each year are a culmination of the year’s learning experiences and skills. A specific storyline and complementary Unit of Inquiry is deliberated to extend the children’s opportunities to showcase their creativity through drama, music, and movement. In addition, during the weeks of Creative Arts and Performing Arts, we focus on giving children the opportunity to get up on stage not only to perform in front of an audience but to develop their confidence. The transferable skills children can learn from performing gives them an awareness about themselves and to put the creative skills they have acquired. 


Key qualities

Our ultimate goal with all the children that enter our doors at any White Lodge preschool or childcare centre is to encourage in them these qualities:

  • The love of learning
  • Confidence and curiosity
  • Good communication skills
  • Love and security
  • High self-worth and self-esteem
  • Respect for themselves, others and the environment
  • Independence and identity
  • positive conflict resolution skills
  • Interest in the world around them

There are a number of planned activities which involve all members of the community, children, parents and staff. These planned activities help to strengthen the community. Examples of the activities we undertake at White Lodge include our annual concert, book week, festival celebrations, UN Day and an art exhibition.

White Lodge is also a nut free school and we promote healthy eating habits by providing food with all the required nutrients for our children.

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Mandarin curriculum

The Mandarin curriculum is unique to White Lodge and is based on the Singapore Kindergarten and Primary School frameworks.

With a dedicated Head of Mandarin, the fun-filled Mandarin programme aims to provide children with maximum exposure to the language, culture and history. With twice daily teaching of Mandarin at all White Lodge centres, the children have an extensive opportunity to increase their knowledge and proficiency of Mandarin. 

Classroom activities include: 

  • Storytelling
  • Singing songs
  • Play-acting
  • Reading program
  • Rhythms
  • Writing
  • Art projects
  • Movement and performances

All students from White Lodge are provided with a great foundation for the continued learning of Mandarin as a second language.



Bahasa Malaysia

At White Lodge we will promote the wider usage of Bahasa Malaysia among our children.

They will speak in Bahasa Malaysia in their daily conversations throughout the day.  The circle time will include Bahasa Malaysia songs and themes and every child is encouraged to participate. Daily activities and lessons for half hour of school will be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia.

The objective of this move is to facilitate and equip the children with basic knowledge and speaking skills in Bahasa Malaysia at a level suitable for preschool learners. It is also a step towards honing their basic language skills needed for Year One in local primary or international schools.

Through this programme, the children will develop their listening and speaking skills, vocabulary, and proper pronunciation of Bahasa Malaysia words and terms, and so enable them to assimilate and participate effectively during the social activities of the school of their choice as well as in the community.

Bahasa Malaysia

The most critical time of brain development is in the first 5 years as what happens early in life lasts a lifetime. This means that we can influence a generation in 5 years. So at White Lodge, we have developed a unique way how we teach our young children, how we support families, how we teach our teachers and help them understand that they have great influence on the children daily.

Louise Grant, Managing Director

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