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    Our aims

    Our aim at White Lodge is to liberate, empower and motivate the children to use their individual gifts with confidence, creativity and generosity in loving and responsible service. At White Lodge, we work hard to give the children the opportunities to develop as intelligent, confident, wise and lovable young people.

    We strive to provide an education with “something more“.

    Our vision

    White Lodge’s Vision is to be continually recognised as one of the most inspirational and nurturing educational establishment in the region, where our children are given the opportunity to discover and pursue their dreams.

    Our mission is to provide our children with high quality education and individualised care, delivered by our motivated, dedicated and compassionate educators.

    Our Values

    We Celebrate Differences

    Differences are to be celebrated, just as similarities are to be shared. At White Lodge, each child brings a special something that makes their class community complete. We are confident of ourselves, respectful of each other, and welcoming of everyone - no matter their background or beliefs. White Lodge extends a loving welcome to all our friends and look forward to learning from each other and growing together.

    We keep it real

    It’s the simple things in life that count. White Lodge takes pride in getting back to basics and keeping things real for our children. We take the most advanced learning in child development and apply them practically, and with purpose, to create a curriculum with four areas of focus that works to keep our children as grounded and wholesome as nature intended. Our 4Rs: reading, writing, arithmetic and real-world understanding.

    We love learning

    Learning is a lifetime pursuit, a discipline and devotion which has the ability to change a child’s path for good. At White Lodge we are passionate about education and recognise the huge impact that sharing this love for learning has on our children. Enabling our children to aspire to achieve, White Lodge lays foundations that support as they progress from little school to big school, and on through life as adults too.

    We encourage imagination

    Harnessing a child’s imagination is one of the most powerful tools in driving early childhood learning and development. White Lodge provides an environment to stimulate, inspire and enlighten our children. We encourage imagination in all that we do and all that we are, delighting in the freshness that comes from taking the child’s perspective. Step inside a White Lodge to discover a world created with the child in mind; a canvas for creative exploration.

    We respect our world

    Just as we respect each other, we respect our community and the world around us. At White Lodge, we appreciate that short-term gains mean nothing if not underpinned by healthy, lasting growth; for our children and our schools. With sensitivity and a compassion for our world, we cherish what we have been given, nurture our resources and strive to eliminate wastefulness.