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How to develop good reading habits in children


Reading is a fundamental skill that can lead to lifelong success in many areas of life. Not only does the written word ...

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First Day at White Lodge: Preparing for preschool


Preparing for preschool is an exciting time for you and your little one. It’s their first real adventure into building ...

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15 Things to Do in KL With Kids to Combat Lockdown Fatigue


Lockdown may feel never-ending, but as restrictions ebb and flow in their severity, you may have ...

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20 Kid-Friendly Places In Singapore That Relieve Lockdown


While kids never lose ...

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White Lodge expands into Toa Payoh with brand-new childcare centre


We have some very ...

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8 tips to harness personality development in children

A child’s outlook on life, knowledge, interpersonal skills, and much more contribute towards the development a of a balanced personality. Whilst ...

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Why is parent involvement important in a child's development?

The influence and support of a parent or carer can play a vital role during a child’s personal and educational development. Parents and carers ...

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Back to preschool after quarantine: tips for parents

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many preschools and childcare centres have been closed, leaving children to continue their educational journey at ...

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How to encourage healthy eating habits for kids

Every parent would like their child to adopt a balanced diet and grow into healthy adults. However, with busy schedules it can be challenging to ...

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How to nurture good personal hygiene for kids

It is natural for any parent to be concerned about the health and safety of their child. With the spread of COVID-19, this is now more important ...

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