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    Did you know that we run a complimentary Activity Club daily at all our childcare centres for children on our full day programmes from 3.30pm daily? 

    This is also open to non White Lodge students for an afternoon session. 

    These programmes will be delivered by our team members to ensure children have a fun filled day at White Lodge!


    Monday: Book Club  

    Reading is fundamental to lifelong learning and success. It promotes self-confidence and greater understanding and continued acquisition of new knowledge. Our aim is to provide an opportunity that cultivates children’s reading skills and abilities to help them become confident communicators.  Our book club will promote reading in a social context and encourage students to read for pleasure


    Tuesday: Fitness Club

    Perceptual Motor activities help in developing gross motor skills and improves coordination from a young age. Children will be engaged in running, kicking, jumping, hopping and various drills that will increase their balance and coordination.  Children will develop team spirit and become socially dependent when involved in a team sport. Fitness training will improve listening and communications skills, as well as help children gain new friendships. Lastly, exercise in itself releases endorphins that are hugely beneficial for well-being.


    Wednesday: Mandarin Club

    As an extension to their learning for the day, the Mandarin club offers children an opportunity to enhance their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in mandarin even further through fun and games! Children can look forward to singing songs, participating in games, and other interactive activities.


    Thursday: Virtues Club

    Preparing young children to be successful in school and life requires much more than teaching ABCs and 1-2-3s. Our Virtues Club promote social skills that enable children to fully participate in their classroom environments focusing on character building which prepares them to navigate the world beyond preschool. The Virtues Club was developed to empower our educators to create a caring learning community and to nurture children of compassion and integrity. Virtues will be introduced to the children through stories, activities and puppet shows while being modeled to them by their teachers. A different virtue, such as respect, is introduced weekly. 


    Friday: Games Club

    We will engage children in card games and board games to help extend cognitive skills and be part of group. Games are an excellent opportunity for children to learn new social skills while having fun.


    Do contact us should you require further information, sign up now!

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