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White Lodge's home-schooling packs follow the Early Learning Goals set by the UK Government, which outline goals children are to reach by the time they start first grade. Our packs range from a foundation (4-5 years) to an intermediate level (5-6 years) and will support the children in learning the foundations of phonics from phase one through to phase 5. The programme is designed so that children will recognise each letter and corresponding sound. They learn to segment, blend and read CVC and CVCC words with ease, as well as spell a number of words correctly and some phonetically. They will be introduced to high frequency words and non-decodable words and will be able to create short sentences.  

Phonics is taught through a number of different creative activities, so that reading and writing skills are supported by art and engaging games. Reading and writing skills in English are mastered through phonics. Studies have shown that participation in foundational phonics programmes speeds up literacy and language development by 50% and have become common practice in many countries around the world.  


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There will be a minimum of 2-3 science or social science activities per week where, following the theme of the month, your child will be introduced to critical and logical thinking, crucial for cognitive development. The activities will be as hands on as possible, with many fun experiments, to ensure your child can grasp the concepts trough practice. New themes are added every month.   

Our packs teach the foundation of math skills in a colourful and fun way where they will start by recognizing numbers, shapes and sizes and move on to addition and subtraction, telling time, space and measure through creative activities. Once completed the programme, your child will be able to count from 1-20, place them in order and compare which is more or less. They will be able to talk about quantities, size, position, time and money and recognise mathematical patterns in daily life.

Developing creativity through art and free expression is vital during early years, and here at White Lodge we encourage imagination and creative expression in everything we do. Each week there will be a number of art and sensory activities for your child to explore with at home. We believe in using everyday materials and try to create activities that don’t require any additional material than common household items.

Note: The workpacks are PAID downloadable resources, no physical materials will be provided.


Weekly literature, language, math, science, art and sensory activities
Tips on how to plan and manage home-schooling effectively

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"We created these work packs as easy to use resources, containing all the information needed for parents and carers to give their child a hassle-free education. Because here at White Lodge we aim to ensure every child can have access to flexible, quality education from home." - Linnea Skoglof – Curriculum Coordinator

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